Single Sign On

Single Sign On is One-Click Access to all Your Cloud Applications

How much time do you spend logging on to different applications each day? How about the applications you only use once a month? Do you cycle through a list of passwords before you hit on the right one? Across your entire business, people are wasting a lot of time and energy on logins.

CloudEntr lets you get right to business with secure single sign-on (SSO) for your cloud-based applications.

Log in once to CloudEntr to get one-click access to all of your cloud applications, from any device. No more password headaches – just simple, easy access. Business users love that it makes their lives easier, while IT teams get control over cloud-based applications and fewer password reset requests.

No Passwords

Say it out loud “No More Passwords”…feels good doesn't it? With CloudEntr you get password free single sign-on with SAML. Now you don’t have to worry about managing passwords for each user: forgotten, reset, phished passwords…those worries are all gone. You also get greater control over access for onboarding and, more importantly, off-boarding employees. For SAML apps, businesses hold complete control over who accesses the application. Users cannot bypass CloudEntr without the admin’s knowledge. Once access is revoked to that app, there is now way former employees or contractors can access it.

Centralized control over cloud apps

Want to get a new employee going quickly? Need to reclaim application logins when someone leaves? Either way, CloudEntr SSO is your best friend. From one console you can grant access to applications, change permissions, or shut down application access for departing employees or contractors.  

Any time, any device

Only work in the office? Not anymore. Today, people work from their phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, depending on where they are and how they feel. CloudEntr SSO makes it easy for you to log into all your applications, securely, from whatever device you feel like using.

Reporting and visibility

Using the cloud doesn’t give you a free pass on compliance. CloudEntr makes it easier for you to track and prove compliance with data privacy and security regulations. Get new visibility into application access through SSO, with an audit log of account, user and application access events.

Peace-of-mind security

At Gemalto, we’re security geeks. Our customers come from some 190 countries, and comprise many of the world’s best-known enterprises, governments, mobile operators, banks and financial institutions, transport operators and a vast number of other industries looking for gains in efficiency, security and simplicity.

Trust is fundamental to our relationships with our clients. Ultimately, everything we do is founded on the trust we've earned from them over many years so when you entrust your application login access and data encryption to CloudEntr by Gemalto, your trusting the global leader in digital security. 

Support for all your apps

What’s the next big cloud app for business? With CloudEntr, it doesn’t really matter. It works out-of-the-box with almost any application – even your custom applications. It also comes with a pre-built suite of apps, to jump-start your SSO deployment.