CloudEntr Fits Businesses of Any Size

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up to
25 users


up to
75 users


up to
250 users

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250+ users

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All Plans include:

Includes our Starter package and is everything a small business or team needs to get started.

  Unlimited Apps

  Unlimited Admins

  Secure Password Manager

  In App Password Generator

  Web Single Sign-on

  Mobile App (iOS and Android)

  File Encryption and Sharing

  Audit and Reporting

  Native CloudEntr User Directory

  Central Admin Portal

  Group Management

  User Two-Factor Authentication

  Custom Application Wizard

Business Plans:

Includes all starter features plus advanced features for more complex businesses.

  Active Directory Integration

  Active Directory Group Sync

  Multiple User Directory Environments

  SAML App Integration

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  • Is CloudEntr for business or consumers?

    CloudEntr is designed for small to mid-size businesses who want to manage all of the logins that they use to run their business. With CloudEntr you get detailed usage and system reporting, and it allows businesses to easily decide who has access to what, all in a secure manner.

  • How do I sign up?

    Simply register for a Free 30-day trial of CloudEntr. We start everyone out using CloudEntr as a trial so you can make sure it's right for you. Upgrade at anytime from within the product, we don't collect your credit card until you're ready to upgrade.

  • How do I know if CloudEntr is right for me?

    CloudEntr is right for anyone who has too many passwords, stored unsecured, with no unified access to the sites and applications they belong to. But the easiest way to find out is to register for a 30-day Free Trial and try it out for yourself. There's no risk, no obligation and no credit card required.

  • Can I cancel my subscription and delete my account?

    Yes, you can cancel at anytime. The person who Registered the Account in CloudEntr can “Delete” their Account at anytime through their ”Manage this Account” screen. There is no long term subscription commitment and if you have a Paid License, you are only charged for the current month you are in.

  • What happens after my trial expires?

    After your 30-day trial is over you will be given the option to upgrade to a paid account. If you chose not to upgrade, your account will go into a limited functionality free mode. This means all your applications, users and credentials will still be accessible via your regular login, but you will no longer be able to add new applications or users or use some of the advanced functions like reporting.

  • What is required to use CloudEntr?

    You need to have access to the Internet, register for a CloudEntr account, and a computer that supports one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome or Safari.

  • Can I use CloudEntr on my mobile device?

    Yes, we support both Android and iOS, smartphones and tablets.

  • Does CloudEntr offer support?

    During your trial and as a paid account you have access to our Community Support as well as email support. If you you choose not to upgrade to a paid account at the end of your trial you will only have access to Community Support.

  • What browsers and operating systems do you support?

    We currently support Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers. A detailed list of the browser versions supported per operating system can be found at our community.

  • If I decide CloudEntr “is not for me”, what happens to the information that I entered?

    You can Delete your Account at anytime and uninstall the CloudEntr browser add-on and all of the information you have entered will be purged from the secure CloudEntr storage area. None of your secure login information is retained by CloudEntr and there will be nothing left on your computer.

  • Can I print out or backup the information I’ve entered into CloudEntr?

    Yes, you can export all of the secure information stored in your Vault (that you have entered or have rights to see) by clicking on the “Export Passwords” link from your Vault. You can then print and save that information by copying it from the export window report.

  • How does billing work?

    All paid subscriptions are billed on a monthly basis automatically to your credit card.  Simple and easy.

  • What types of payments do you accept?

    We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Payment can be made using any of the above listed credit cards right within CloudEntr.

  • Is CloudEntr available outside the United States

    Yes, you can register and use CloudEntr from anywhere in the world. Although, the product currently only supports a United States localized version for language, websites, and payment.

  • Is CloudEntr PCI compliant?

    Yes, CloudEntr is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant via our subscription billing management system Recurly. None of your sensitive cardholder data (credit card number, security code) passes through our environment.

  • What if you don't support the application I need?

    We've got two options for you:

    1. You can submit them using our Application Request Form and we'll get them into the hopper for you.
    2. You can try and build it yourself using our custom applications feature. This allows you to create custom apps that aren't currently in our library with our automation wizard or by getting into the code. Here's a video on adding applications to see it in action