Simple and Secure Access
to Applications and Data
in the Cloud

CloudEntr is the simple and secure way that businesses access the cloud. It’s the trusted way for your employees, contractors and clients to access all their web applications and data, from one place, on any device.

It's a shortcut that doesn't cut corners

With CloudEntr, it's like your company... 

...has its own designated highway lane

Employees get easy access to all their cloud apps and data, with only one password to remember. Getting things done no longer has a speed limit.

Work Faster

...has its own security team

Keep those passwords and files safe on their new home in the cloud. Passwords on sticky notes and sharing unencrypted files spells trouble.

Get Secured

...is managed by wizards

Because the power to view and change who has access to all your company's apps and files feels like magic.

Be Magical

It's your teleporter to the cloud... beam me up, Scotty! Quick Tour Get Started

manage access not technology 

Single Sign-On

Remember one password and literally forget about the rest. 

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Password Manager

Passwords aren't safe on a sticky note or in a spreadsheet. Manage your company's plethora of passwords in one central, secure location. 

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Access Management

Get your team and your access policies all on the same page. Access exactly the applications and files your employees need – no more, no less.

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Secure File Sharing

Secure more than just passwords, encrypt and share your files with others inside or outside your company. 

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CloudEntr and touchscreens are a dynamic duo. Never fumble for a password again. Simply touch, and you're signed in. 

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Two-Factor Authentication

Make sure people logging into your account are who they say they are with a second form of authentication. 

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Active Directory

Give employees access to cloud apps using their AD login. Add, remove or update users in AD and changes are automagically reflected in CloudEntr. 

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It's like being everywhere at once

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Get comfy with the software that improves your relationship with all your other software.

Business Users

CloudEntr helps your company get down to business.

IT Admins

Your IT Admins can be the kings of the cloud. And it’s good to be the king.

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[Feature Release] Group Filtering for Active Directory Sync

Last year we released our Microsoft Active Directory (AD) integration, enabling companies to extend their current access management system (AD) to the cloud. But let’s admit, every department and team in your business is different and not every team needs or should access the same tools. The key is giving employees access only to the tools they need. So how do you manage all these different groups and get them access to the tools they need regardless whether it’s web-based or local without pulling levers all day every day? That’s why i’m excited to release today Group Filtering for Active Directory Sync within CloudEntr!

Cloud Security Through the Eyes of a Hacker

Corporate hacking is  real thing, ask Sony, JP Morgan Chase, Target, Adobe, eBay, and the list goes on. But what are they thinking and how do they do it?

How to Tackle Your Top 3 Cloud Security Challenges: Part Two

As our 2015 State of SMB Cybersecurity report revealed, most of you (a whopping 77%) are primarily concerned about the enemy within. Employees, your company’s greatest asset, are also its greatest liability. Whether through accident, ignorance, or pure evil intent, employees present some serious challenges to cloud security. Not to worry though, we’ve identified the top three threats they pose and we’re ready to equip you with some actionable solutions. After all, every Batman needs a Robin.

[This post is part two of a two part series on tackling the top 3 cloud security challenges today's IT pros face.]

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