Secure access to cloud applications 

Managing access to your cloud applications doesn't have to be hard. CloudEntr gives you one secure place to manage access to all your cloud applications. Login once and get secure, one-click access to all of your cloud applications, on any device, without giving up control over who gets access.

It's a shortcut that doesn't cut corners

With CloudEntr, it's like your company... 

...has its own designated highway lane

Employees get easy access to all their cloud apps, while IT manages access from one control panel. Getting things done no longer has a speed limit.

Work Faster

...has a secret vault just for passwords

Keep those passwords safe on their new home in the cloud. Keeping them jotted on sticky notes spells trouble.

Get Secured managed by wizards

Because the power to view and change who has access to all your company's online tools feels like magic.

Be Magical

It's your teleporter to the cloud... beam me up, Scotty! Quick Tour Get Started

manage access not technology 

Single Sign-On

Remember one password and literally forget about the rest. 

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Password Manager

Passwords aren't safe on a sticky note or in a spreadsheet. Manage your company's plethora of passwords in one central, secure location. 

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Access Management

Make sure the right people can reach the right applications. See who has access with a glance, and make changes with a click.

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Identity Management

Get your team and your access policies all on the same page. Make sure everyone can reach exactly what they need – no more, no less. 

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CloudEntr and touchscreens are a dynamic duo. Never fumble for a password again. Simply touch, and you're signed in. 

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Two-Factor Authentication

Make sure people logging into your account are who they say they are with a second form of authentication. 

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It's like being everywhere at once

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Quick Tour

Get comfy with the software that improves your relationship with all your other software.

Business Users

CloudEntr helps your company get down to business.

IT Admins

Your IT Admins can be the kings of the cloud. And it’s good to be the king.

It's a universal remote for all your accounts Get Started

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An Enlightened Approach to Password Security: Getting Beyond 8 Characters

Security pros know that a user name and password pair isn’t the most secure method of logging into your businesses sites and apps – just wait a news cycle and you’re sure to hear about another breach where a company’s passwords have been exposed. But for the time being passwords are still the defacto way that businesses access cloud and web resources daily. 

Check out what universities Stanford and Emerson College are doing to get their employees and students on the straight and arrow of secure password policies... and they're going willingly.

New Feature Release: More from Two-factor Authentication

Businesses want assurance that their data and resources are safe, and it’s no secret that passwords are not cutting it anymore. Let’s be honest, they are the weakest link in the security chain. And why is that? Well, it’s mostly attributed to the “something you know” piece of the authentication equation AKA the human element. So how do you solve this problem? Implement that second gate of security, two-factor authentication. 
CloudEntr's May feature release delivers more options and more convenience for businesses and employees to use two-factor authentication.

SaaS Apps Accelerating an Identity & Access Management Evolution to the Cloud [Report]

It's no secret that cloud-based applications have revolutionized the way we work, but according to new our survey report with The 451 Group, they’re also changing how enterprises use Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions and are creating a realized need for SMBs to invest in cloud security.

Learn why IAM solutions are a top priority for companies in 2014: we share key industry trends, IT planning priorities, criteria for selecting the right solution, and security tips direct from over 200 business management, IT, and security professional from our 2014 report, The Growing Cloud Identity Crisis.


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Administrators should ensure their remote employees have all the tools they need to do their jobs effectively while away from the office.

Best strategies for protecting sensitive data

Be it client payment details, new product proposals or other internal documents, companies must work to ensure that their company-owned intellectual property remains theirs.

Passwords still reign supreme

While some are criticizing the protection measure as outdated and the cause of many security issues, passwords still reign supreme.

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