Simple and Secure Access
to Applications and Data
in the Cloud

CloudEntr is the simple and secure way that businesses access the cloud. It’s the trusted way for your employees, contractors and clients to access all their web applications and data, from one place, on any device.

It's a shortcut that doesn't cut corners

With CloudEntr, it's like your company... 

...has its own designated highway lane

Employees get easy access to all their cloud apps and data, with only one password to remember. Getting things done no longer has a speed limit.

Work Faster

...has its own security team

Keep those passwords and files safe on their new home in the cloud. Passwords on sticky notes and sharing unencrypted files spells trouble.

Get Secured

...is managed by wizards

Because the power to view and change who has access to all your company's apps and files feels like magic.

Be Magical

It's your teleporter to the cloud... beam me up, Scotty! Quick Tour Get Started

manage access not technology 

Single Sign-On

Remember one password and literally forget about the rest. 

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Password Manager

Passwords aren't safe on a sticky note or in a spreadsheet. Manage your company's plethora of passwords in one central, secure location. 

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Access Management

Get your team and your access policies all on the same page. Access exactly the applications and files your employees need – no more, no less.

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Secure File Sharing

Secure more than just passwords, encrypt and share your files with others inside or outside your company. 

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CloudEntr and touchscreens are a dynamic duo. Never fumble for a password again. Simply touch, and you're signed in. 

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Two-Factor Authentication

Make sure people logging into your account are who they say they are with a second form of authentication. 

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Active Directory

Give employees access to cloud apps using their AD login. Add, remove or update users in AD and changes are automagically reflected in CloudEntr. 

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It's like being everywhere at once

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Get comfy with the software that improves your relationship with all your other software.

Business Users

CloudEntr helps your company get down to business.

IT Admins

Your IT Admins can be the kings of the cloud. And it’s good to be the king.

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[Report] 77% of SMB IT Pros Cite Employees as Weakest Link in Cloud Security

CloudEntr is pleased to share our 2015 State of SMB Cybersecurity report. We surveyed 430+ IT pros to find what SMBs were really thinking about the cloud, the impact they felt from security breaches—and most importantly what they plan to do in 2015. The results? Our study revealed as cloud usage has risen within businesses, the IT pros that work for them have felt the impact of more frequent security breaches. The cause and solution according to the survey? Employees.

4 reasons why your client's data is your data

As the number of data breaches continues to rise, service organizations and others who deal in high volumes of privileged information may find themselves yearning for the days when all client information was locked in a file cabinet, in a vault, in a secret underground lair.

Don't become a breached whale: Password tips to keep you afloat

Despite weak company passwords more or less presenting a welcome mat for cybercriminals, many organizations still don’t seem to get the memo, falling back on authentication platforms that are shockingly easy to breach.

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There are some important - and easy - things your company can do to create the kind of atmosphere where customers feel safe.

The Dropbox incident and password security

With a recent breach of Dropbox passwords, all eyes are on enterprise network security.

Who has your passwords?

If you're one of many who don't take the proper steps to secure your passwords, welcome to the first round of a globe-spanning trivia game. But don't expect this to be a "Jeopardy"-style event replete with monetary rewards and helpful calls to knowledgeable friends.

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