Secure access to cloud applications 

Managing access to your cloud applications doesn't have to be hard. CloudEntr gives you one secure place to manage access to all your cloud applications. Login once and get secure, one-click access to all of your cloud applications, on any device, without giving up control over who gets access.

It's a shortcut that doesn't cut corners

With CloudEntr, it's like your company... 

...has its own designated highway lane

Employees get easy access to all their cloud apps, while IT manages access from one control panel. Getting things done no longer has a speed limit.

Work Faster

...has a secret vault just for passwords

Keep those passwords safe on their new home in the cloud. Keeping them jotted on sticky notes spells trouble.

Get Secured managed by wizards

Because the power to view and change who has access to all your company's online tools feels like magic.

Be Magical

It's your teleporter to the cloud... beam me up, Scotty! Quick Tour Get Started

manage access not technology 

Single Sign-On

Remember one password and forget about losing the rest. 

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Password Manager

Passwords aren't safe on a sticky note or in a spreadsheet. Manage your company's plethora of passwords in one central, secure location. 

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Access Management

Make sure the right people can reach the right applications. See who has access with a glance, and make changes with a click.

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Identity Management

Get your team and your access policies all on the same page. Make sure everyone can reach exactly what they need – no more, no less. 

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CloudEntr and touchscreens are a dynamic duo. Never fumble for a password again. Simply touch, and you're signed in. 

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Two-Factor Authentication

Make sure people logging into your account are who they say they are with a second form of authentication. 

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It's like being everywhere at once

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Get comfy with the software that improves your relationship with all your other software.

Business Users

CloudEntr helps your company get down to business.

IT Admins

Your IT Admins can be the kings of the cloud. And it’s good to be the king.

It's a universal remote for all your accounts Get Started

Latest blog posts

New Feature Release: One-Click Usability

Today, the team and I are thrilled to build upon our February new UI release with new features to increase customer productivity and provide a seamless web experience when it comes to securing access to their cloud apps on the web. 

96 Hours Later, What Does Heartbleed Mean for Your Business?

The dust is settling on what has been an explosive week in digital security. Just 96 hours ago, Codenomican and researchers at Google announced they had uncovered a major security threat affecting more than 66% of the web. Making the Heartbleed Bug, one of the largest security threats the World Wide Web has ever seen.

So what does this means for your business and what are the actions you can take to secure it?

CloudEntr Accounts Secure in Light of Heartbleed Bug

You’ve most likely heard by now the buzz surrounding Monday’s announcement by security firm Codenomican and Google researcher Neal Mehta – the Heartbleed Bug has been unearthed. CloudEntr customers can rest assured their accounts and credentials are safe. 

And here's why.

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Latest industry news

Risk of physical data loss is rationale for stronger access management

It is important to instill advanced password management skills and abilities into staff members. In the event of physical device loss, this can keep the whole organization from having to go into extreme crisis mode.

Public cloud services and security: Rising adoption and protection techniques

There are strategies that users can leverage to make the most of their public cloud service while ensuring that stored content remains safe.

A secure cloud can keep an enterprise safe from attack

Sophisticated cyber incursions make the news a lot these days. In the months since the major Target breach occurred, attacks have only gained steam as cybercriminals learn how to better navigate the internal infrastructures of the enterprises they're invading. The popular department store Michaels is the most recent victim of such an attack. 

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